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Bad Grandpa - Zia Harris

Zia Harris known for tv series like true blood and dark blue has now landed in movies as well. His well going movie these days is Bad Grandpa. The charm of the comedy movies can never fade away. Even it is one such genre that gives out a really soothing and relieving effect when one is tortured with lots of tension. All over the world this genre is quite appreciated.


On 25th of October one great movie under the same genre had hit the floors quite hard and have even proved out its metal in a short span of time. The movie is Jackass Presents: bad Grandpa. We are sure that you have heard about it before as well. If you had nodded your head into a yes then definitely you might be howling out to go for it as well.

A very good idea indeed… The movie had been created by the great director Jeff Termaine. He is a veteran director in the same genre and many times earlier as well he had created really awesome comedy flick that were highly appreciated. This time as well he is expecting the same response from the public and definitely he will get it. His hard work and consistency will definitely pay him off. The story revolves around an old ages man who sets out on a trip with his grandson to making him meet with his real father. This story line seems to be really serious, but there is a catch in it.

They will have a real gala time when they will be on this tracking trip and even the audience will also enjoy their innocence and naughtiness. This movie will turn out to be a perfect glee for all of us to get rid of the boredom. The creation of the story line had been done by fax Bahr and Spike Jonze. They both have brought out the intensity and the truth of this wonderful relation with real effects giving it all its meanings and adding fun to it at the same very time
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