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Ender's Game - Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld born 11th December 1996 has got the leading role in the movie Ender's Game. The veteran director Gavin Hood has earned a great precision in creating Sci-fi movies and every time he had been applauded with huge success and appreciation. Now he is out with a new sci-fi Ender’s Game that released on 25th Oct.


It really requires a lot of brains in depicting one such story but Gavin Hood had always succeeded it. One can easily come to this verdict by having a look at his immaculate career record. The story line of this movie had been adapted from the novel that was published in 1985 by the same name. But there are some or more credits that should be pocketed to the writers of this flick.

One can say that there was no hard work in it, but a clear difference can be seen in the novel and the movie. It captures the great expansion in creating a screen write up from a novel as we have to bring the characters to life. The level of appreciation will reach some more heights when one will come to know that the story line is drafted by Gavin Hood, as the book was written by Orson Scott Card so he also launches for the same credit.

The classic story line of this picture had made it even more entertaining and will soon become a watching treat for all the age groups. The movie is about Earth is getting invaded by a clan of aliens named Formics and everyone finds it difficult to tackle and years flee away with the same curse. Then after long search International Military seeks out a brilliant boy who can fight against these aliens. Now the question is that weather he will be able to cope up with all these deeds or again this effort will fall in vain. This wonderful novel converted to a screenplay is definitely charming and have the immense power of keeping one glued to the seat
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