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Free Birds - Dan Fogler

Dan Fogler date of birth 20th October 1976 has done almost 50+ screenings and recently he was caught doing acting well in his latest movie, Free Birds.

Whenever comedy and animation genre had joined together that it had proved out to be a great entertaining spree. On the 29th of November all of us are getting a chance to catch a glimpse of one such interesting flick. Free Birds, a new movie in the same genre will be out in the theaters from 29th of November onwards and it is truly believed that it is going to observe a great crowd and will earn serious good appreciation.

The credit for the creation of this superb flick lands into the kitty of the director Jimmy Hayward. Also at the same very time he burdened his shoulder with the work of writing the story as well. It is definitely not an easy task but he had eventually gained a great height in both the task and even with lots of grace. After all this hard work he definitely deserves to get a hit.

With him Scott Mosier had also helped him out in coming out with this great write up part. The story revolves around two turkeys that have one or the other problem with each other. But the time turns out to be in such state that they both have to forget their differences and to join hands for retracing their past. They have to travel back in time and without each other’s help this thing will not be possible.

Now we have to see whether they will be able to make this thing possible or not. After the story line the main thing that counts for an animated movie is the voices that are associated with the characters. You can hear Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson and Dan Forler’s voice teaming up with the main characters. One can have a really good and gala time watching this movie and moreover it is a family movie so, have to face no restrictions.
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