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Parineeti Chopra – Finding The Path Between Fitness & Cinema


 Parineeti Chopra – Finding The Path Between Fitness & Cinema

Bon in 1988, Parineeti Chopra is part of the new wave of Indian actors, although her future plans had nothing in common with this industry. The young actress has earned three different degrees in economics, finance and business from a British institution. She returned to India in 2009 and joined a film company as a consultant. Later on, she has decided to try her luck as an actress too, so she began with the 2011 “Ladies vs Ricky Bahl”. She played in two movies only, while three filming productions are scheduled for 2013 and 2014.

But aside from her acting career, the young Indian has also drawn some attention through her motivation to lose weight and become one of the young beauty symbols of India. Maybe it was her own will or the wide variety of Parineeti Chopra fat comments over the Internet. All in all, one thing is for sure – a little dedication and a good diet have worked a very long way. Today, she is also taken for a role model in the fitness industry, especially when it comes to overweight Indians.

But what does her diet imply? How did the Parineeti Chopra weight loss program actually worked? Just like she claims, everything stays in a sporty life with plenty of physical activity. She jogs every morning, but she also spends an hour meditating and performing yoga exercises. Swimming and dancing are also among her main hobbies, while a few cardio exercises every once in a while ensure an ideal cardiovascular system.
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