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The Armstrong Lie For Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong, the best cyclist of the world has contributed this biography to Hollywood industry. The documentary movies have always proved out to be a boon for the film industry. A new documentary movie had burnt the floor with massive fire with its release. We are talking about the latest release “The Armstrong Lie”.


The first day of the box office was a big hit and earned a really good opening. All those who have a glee of knowing more about the life of the Lance Armstrong- the famous legendary cyclist, should definitely hop on for this movie. The story revolves around the fake truths and the same lies that evolved to drop the carrier of Armstrong. On the contrary one can also say that this flick had been created to pour some light on the hidden facts that was not brought to the light earlier. This could be enumerated that this movie will prove out to be a positive turn for the carrier of Armstrong.

 The flick had been directed by Alex Gibley and had also been drafted by him as well. It is supposed to be a particularly tough job to maintain both the tasks on one goes, but Alex Gibley had maintained it in a really good manner and had earned a lot of appreciation for the same thing. All the details ranging from the birth of Armstrong to his carrier drop had been captivated in this picture. One can feel literally enlightened after going through this flick. The characterisation of the movie had been completed in a real good manner. In the main lead you will see Lance Armstrong himself and in support of him you will find Reed Albergotti and Betsy Andrew. They all have beautifully captured these roles and have done the full justice to it. Even they have brought they real senses out of the movie and had given a new light and hope to people and Armstrong as well
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