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Ayushman Khurana – A New Figure In The Bollywood Spotlights

Ayushman Khurana in Vicky Donor

Ayushman Khurana – A New Figure In The Bollywood Spotlights 

Although he marked his debut with a controversial movie, Ayushman Kurana has quickly managed to become a widely appreciated actor with some obvious acting skills. He is relatively new on the Indian cinema scene. In fact, he debuted in Bollywood in 2012 with a romantic comedy. “Vicky Donor” had a controversial subject – the sperm donation. It received a lot of negativism from critics, but the actor's performance was highly appreciated. Although his debut in Bollywood has just occurred, the actor was popular for a lot of television shows. His short filmography includes two titles only, but the Ayushman Khurana new movie is said to become a blockbuster. It is produced by Yash Raj Films and does not have a title yet. The crew is still working on it, so it is scheduled for September, 2013.

Before becoming a Bollywood figure, Ayushman has hosted a lot of public events and television shows. He began his career with “MTV Roadies Season 2”, in 2004. Besides, a few Ayushman Khurana songs have also gained a lot of popularity lately. Most of his songs were featured around Bollywood productions, so he cannot actually brag with a solid musical career. He has no albums or singles released.

As for his personal life, Ayushman Khurana does not have too many spicy details to share. He is married to Tahira, his childhood girlfriend. He also maintains an online blog in the Hindi language for his fans, but also for people who are interested in his ideas. After all, writing has always been one of his main hobbies.
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