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How I Live Now - All Credit Goes to Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan, she has done the superb job in this movie, "How I Live Now". How I Live Now is a new British action drama movie that got released in the entire nation on the 4th of October and is proving out to be a threat for all other movies that released simultaneously or with some gap.


The flavour of all other released had worsen out because all the eyes had been struck on this one flick. The cinemas are experiencing the all-time huge crown even till date, and can guess it out that it had been more than a month that this flick got released. So, definitely there is something special in it that is making is so dear. Completed under the direction of the excellent director Kevin Macdonald, this movie has a wonderful story track that will definitely leave the viewer’s spellbound with its speculation. The story had been drafted with all the beautiful colours of perfection by Jeremy Brock and Tony Grisoni.

They both are new to this field but still they had made a marvellous start. This shows that they are having a shining carrier ahead. The story is cast in a state of the UK that had turned out to a violent place by some terrorist attack. In the main lead is an American girl, the character played by Saoirse Ronan, who is forced to stay with her relatives in England. The situation is already bad there, so she had to be in a massive situation in making her living possible there. She is described as a fighter in the movie; hence she has also to fight for her relatives as well. As told earlier that in the main you will see Saorise Ronan, with her one can be able to see Tom Holland and George MacKay. The three of them had wonderfully acted and had given new definitions to the acting spree, making the flick even more beautiful and important to watch.
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