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Priyanka Chopra – How To Become Bollywood's Highest Paid Celebrity


 Priyanka Chopra – How To Become Bollywood's Highest Paid Celebrity

It might be an unwritten rule at Bollywood, but plenty of young actresses begin their acting careers after they actually get some reputation in the modeling industry. Whether it was her beauty or her charm, the same rule applied to Priyanka Chopra too, a 30 years old Indian actress who won two beauty titles in 2000. Ever since that moment, her career adopted an ascending path. She debuted in 2002 with “Thamizhan”, a movie that was widely appreciated for its amazing dialogues. However, Priyanka's role was not too encouraging and most critics agreed that she had no future in the industry. It looks like they were wrong, since Priyanka Chopra movies list produced at Bollywood over the past decade covers close to fifty titles, not to mention about the upcoming productions. In fact, she has managed to become the best paid celebrity at Bollywood and one of India's most popular figures.

Although she is often ranked as a singer too, there are not too many official Priyanka Chopra songs out there, not to mention about any albums. In fact, most of her songs were featured in the movies she played in. Other than that, recording her songs seems to be a cursed activity, since she encountered a series of accidents. For instance, she got electrocuted while recording “Subah Hogi” and had to spend a whole day in hospital to properly recover. Therefore, the music industry is still a relatively closed door and mostly because the beautiful Indian actress is still heavily focusing on her Bollywood career.
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