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Last Vegas - Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman, one of the legend actors of Hollywood industry has come up with his new movie Last Vegas. Director John Turtletaub had come out with an amazing comedy flick that is going to cramp the brains of all the viewers. The movie “Last Vegas” is going to hit the theatres on 3rd January 2014.


The day will prove out to be a milestone in the history of Hollywood. Comedy flicks had always been in a great demand and this is the reason that it always earns a greater appreciation as well. If the name of John Turtletaub unites with the comedy genre than it is destined to be a marvellous hit. The story is about four men who are in their late forties. All of them are married except one, but he is also getting married soon. They all decide to take a break from their daily schedule and hop to Las Vegas to celebrate the last days of freedom of their friend. But for bringing this dream to reality they have to go along a lot of ups and downs.

This journey of theirs will create humour on the screen and will keep all of us stick to the screen. Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas and Morgan Freeman had beautifully brought out the humour of this flick to the audience. Overall one can say that this flick is a complete package and not even a single person will get bored out of it. Once a doctor said that the laughter is the best medicine, so, definitely enjoy this movie to get rid of all your diseases. The write up part had been completed by Dan Fogelman and definitely he earns a bunch of credit in the creation of the movie, as writing the story of any movie is thought to be one of the most important tasks. He had baffled it out in real good senses, providing all of us a gala time to laugh out louder and to chill our nerves.
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