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Gravity Didn't Work For Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock, one of the most gorgeous beauty of Hollywood industry was glowing in her new film "GRAVITY". It is really going to be a delight to see Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and Ed Harris all together. Now you really don’t have to wait too long for having a glimpse of them. A new sci-fi drama movie, Gravity, is out in the theatres now and reportedly new are evolving that it is experiencing a huge rush. There is no doubt in the fact that a movie having all these three great actors is touching such heights.


We can say that only their names are enough to drag the audience towards the flick and hence it is happening. Not only the star cast of this picture rather there are some other factors as well that is helping it be a successful flick. One out of all of them is the direction part which had been majestically handled by Alfonso Cuaron. Moreover he is the one who had drafted the story line as well. This flick will help him to drop out one more shining feather in the hat of brilliance that he had earned by creating good movies. It works wonders when the person who had written the story comes out for the direction as well.

He can be the one who can understand the depth and the intensity of the story in the real good terms. Sci-fi thriller can never lose its charm and the same thing is being repeated this time as well. When the storyline is particularly strong and even has a brilliant star cast then then come no level of questioning. The story is an amazing one, it is about an accident that occurs in space and left an engineering student and an astronaut adrift in the space. Now it is the question of survival and getting back to earth, but the irony is that they both have lost all the modes of communication. Really a tough situation, but they are determined to overcome
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