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Thor 2 With Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has done marvelous act in Thor 2 (Thor : The Dark World). Adventurous fantasy had always been a source of great excitement for the people of all the age groups. Even it is one such genre that rules the entire film industry and had always bagged a long list of awards. 8th of November is going to be a great day in the history of movies as the second part of Thor is going to hit the theaters with a great jerk. The crew is pretty much sure about the great success of this flick and had even started making their amendments for the Oscars. Alan Taylor is having a great confidence of bagging a number of awards by his movie this year.


What a level of confidence he is having? Definitely it is because, he is aware about his creation as well as the choice of the public. It could be easily said that he is one such director who knows how to woo out the audience and every time he trick brings out some positive effects for him. He is sure of the same results this time as well. This movie is about the most impactful journey of Thor till date. He has to face such enemies who are no withstood even by Odin and Asgrad. It is something really difficult for him, but he is the hero, so he has to blow away all of his enemies to save the world. A simple yet a strong story line, and even good enough to charm the audience. The backbone of every good movie is its story line and hence is true in this flick as well. Christopher Yost and Christopher Markus are the names behind the creation of this beautiful picture. The beauty of this movie is even more enhanced by the selection of actors by the director. In the main lead you can see Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Tom Hiddleston. Overall this movie will prove out to be a delight to watch
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