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Go For Sisters - Yolonda Ross

Yolonda Ross born in Omaha in Nebraska, USA is a huge talented actress of this decade. From ages the thriller drama had topped the list of all the favourite genre of movies. Falling into the same genre a movie is getting released on 16th of November named Go For Sisters.


The viewers are waiting with a great zeal for the release of this flick. The trailers of this movie had created this much excitement that people are finding it difficult to wait for it till its release. This type of condition is witnessed rarely and when any such thing happen than a flick turns out to be a super duper hit.
Lisa Gay Hamilton, Yolonda Ross and Edward James Olmos will be seen in the main lead in this picture.

They have embraced the effects in the real good manner keeping every little detail in their mind. After going through this flick one can easily enumerate that all the actors’ and given life to their characters and had beautifully brought out the terms of the movie in the real sense to the audience. This flick will prove out to be an easy pathway for them to the Oscars.

The story of this movie centres a girl who had just gotten released out of prison after facing her penalty of ten long years. She is all alone when she comes out, and meanwhile she befriends a parole officer who has a disgraced image. They both join their hands in tracing out the missing old son of the officer. He had been missing from the Mexican border and it had been ten years that he is missing.

The movie had been directed by John Sayles, and he is the same very person who had drafted the story line of this flick as well. He should definitely be appreciated for this task as he had been successfully able to bring out such a great woman oriented story that will surely prove out to be a motivational spree to all women
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