Premier League : The English Professional league for the men’s association football club is termed as the Premier League. It is the primary football competition of the country that is enumerated on the top of the English Football League System. 20 clubs are contested in it and also it operates on the system of promotion and relegation in association with the football league. Rather than English clubs that are allowed to play in it there are some other well known Welsh Clubs that are also entitled to participate in it. Recently the participation of some Scottish and Irish clubs has also been motivated. The season in which this Premier League is activated runs from August to May with a total of 38 matches being played in total by each team. At the end of the season it comes out to be 380 matches being played in all. Most of the games are played in the afternoons of Sundays and Saturdays and the rest games being played on the evening of the weekdays.

List of Matches for 05 April 2014 (week 33)

Man City vs Southampton
Norwich City vs West Brom
Cardiff City vs Crystal Palace
Aston Villa vs Fulham
Hull City vs Swansea City
Newcastle vs Man United
Chelsea vs Stoke City

List of Matches for 22nd March 2014 (week 31)

Chelsea vs Arsenal
Man City vs Fulham
Norwich City vs Sunderland
Newcastle vs Crystal Palace
Everton vs Swansea City
Hull City vs West Brom
Cardiff City vs Liverpool
West Ham vs Man United

List of Matches for 15th March 2014 (week 30)

Hull City vs Man City
Sunderland vs Crystal Palace
Stoke City vs West Ham
Southampton vs Norwich City
Fulham vs Newcastle
Swansea City vs West Brom
Everton vs Cardiff City

List of Matches for 8th March 2014 (week 29)

West Brom vs Manchester United
Man City vs Aston Villa
Norwich City vs Stoke City
Crystal Palace vs Southampton
Cardiff City vs Fulham

List of Matches for 11st February 2013 (week 26)

West Ham vs Norwich City
Hull City vs Southampton
Cardiff City vs Aston Villa
West Brom vs Chelsea

List of Matches for 2st February 2013 (week 25)

Man City vs Chelsea @ 3:00 PM

List of Matches for 1st February 2013 (week 24)

Newcastle   vs Sunderland      @ 7:45 AM
West Ham   vs Swansea City   @ 7:45 AM
Stoke City   vs Man United      @ 10:00 AM
Cardiff City  vs Norwich City   @ 10:00 AM
Fulham        vs Southampton    @ 10:00 AM
Hull City      vs Tottenham        @ 10:00 AM
Everton       vs Aston Villa        @ 10:00 AM

List of Matches for 28th January 2013 (week 23)

Norwich City vs Newcastle       @ 2:45 PM
Swansea City vs Fulham            @ 2:45 PM
Crystal Palace vs Hull City         @ 3:00 PM
Man United vs Cardiff City        @ 2:45 PM
Southampton vs Arsenal             @ 2:45 PM
Liverpool vs Everton                  @ 3:00 PM

List of Matches for 19th January 2013 (week 22)

Sunderland     vs Southampton    @ 7:45 AM
Man City        vs Cardiff City      @ 10:00 AM
Crystal Palace vs Stoke City       @ 10:00 AM
Norwich City   vs Hull City         @ 10:00 AM
Arsenal            vs Fulham            @ 10:00 AM
West Ham       vs Newcastle        @ 10:00 AM
Liverpool        vs Aston Villa        @ 12:30 PM

List of Matches for 11th January 2013 (week 21)

Hull City vs Chelsea
Cardiff City vs West Ham
Everton vs Norwich City
Fulham vs Sunderland
Southampton vs West Bromwich
Tottenham vs Crystal Palace
Man United vs Swansea City

Currently this team is being sponsored by Barclays Bank and for the time being it is called Barclays Premier League. Outside England it is commonly known as English Premier League or EPL. On 20th February 1992, the competition was formed as the FA Premier League that followed the decision of the clubs in the football league first division to have a break from the football league. The football league was originally founded in the year 1888 and at that time it took the literal advantages of the lucrative television rights deal. As per the records of 2013-2014, the deal is of worth $1 billion a year. It is known to everyone that premier league is the most watched football league in the entire world and hence have a great popularity of the television as well. 23 clubs have been able to crown the tags of the winner of the Premier League from the year 1888. The current champions are Manchester United that won the title in the season 2013-2014. Despite of everything the late 80s have proved out to be a low point for the football in England. At that time Stadia was crumbling and the supporters were endured with poor facilities. Moreover the English was also banned from the European Competition in the year 1985. But as 1990 approached the downward turn of England took a reverse and now it was the time of hike for it and from that time onwards it is in great limelight.
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