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R-Rajkumar - Shahid & Sonakshi

It is for the very first time that we are going to Sahid Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha together. They have appeared together in an upcoming flick named R… Rajkumar. The movie was out in the theaters on 1st of October of this year. The reviews that this movie had got are really amazing and the more respected fact is that the onscreen chemistry of Sonakshi and Sahid is lobbed out a lot.

We and even both of them are also quite sure that they both are going to have more offers to work together. Sonakshi and Sahid both have shared a sizzling hot chemistry in this movie and one a feel them completely filled up and comfortable with each other. No doubt, they both are sharing a space together on the screen for the first time but they had brought out their relationship to the screen in a wonderful manner. Before the release of the movie the people are weed a bit dicey about their onscreen chemistry.

The myths were prevailing like Sonakshi being on a heavier side of weight and Sahid still struggling to look mature, will they both able to sizzle the screen. But at the end they eventually did. In the movie are… Rajkumar Sahid is playing the role of Rajkumar, one such guy who have no aim in his life and Sonakshi will be seen in the character of Charmy Kaur. Sahid has nothing much to do in his life till the time he falls in love with Sonakshi. Charmy Kaur, Sonakshi being one such girl who is full of passion and have big aims in life. But there is a catch in her life, which is not known to Rajkumar, who could it be. You will get to know more about this couple once you will opt to go through the movie.
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