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Roadies, is a youth based television program that is telecast-ed on MTV. It is one such show that is completely filled with travel, adventure, drama and action. It hardly matters that you are a girl or a boy, all are treated equally here. It’s completely up to you that haw you have to survive here and how you have to earn the respect. This show is an Indian Version of the show, Road Rules that was telecast-ed in 1995. The major impact of this show that is making it more popular among the youths is the there is no language refinement. The roadies had already completed its ten seasons and now it is the high time when the auditions of the 11th season of the roadies had started and again a new journey will start will new hope, zeal and enthusiasm. Till date there are no final contestants but is the destination is finalized but not to be revealed out yet.

There is a very clear and fair procedure of the audition and one can easily judge that the team of Roadies never supports partiality. This time the auditions will be conducted by Raghu Ram, Rajiv Lakshman, Nikhil Chinnappa and Ranvijay Singh. The contestants are supposed to fill upa form first and after that they have to go through a group discussion round. If they clear it out than they are in. In the very first season of Roadies there was no announced winner as none of the contestant was able to complete the task.

After that the list goes like this, AnshumanKhurana, ParulShahi, Anthony Yeh, AshutoshKaushik, NaumanSait, Anwer Syed, AnchalKhurana, VikasKhoker, PalakJohal. The season of this time is going to be even more exciting and will definitely take us on a ride full of extreme kinds of adventures. So, better be prepared…

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