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Adore You Miley Cyrus

Adore You Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has again put herself in the headlines of every news sites, blog and entertainment portal by releasing her self in a new music video "Adore You" and the most special gift she has given on this Christmas to her fans is the nude shot in the video for such a beautiful song. People already were loving the music but now the video can go viral after this news of the nude shot given by Miley Cyrus in the video. Its a video about the life of singer who put herself in bed for her work and what else she can perform while she is in bed like sucking her thumb with a Joice of passion in her eyes.

Poster For Video Song Adore Your

Its a perfect video, what else people would expect from this video of pop singer who is in her underwear simulating masturbation. Rumours are also spread that the video was expected to air on thrusday night but was leaked on internet before it could actually get launched on its official channel. Now its expected by the viewers that this video will break all the previous records of Miley Cyrus video as its released in winters with special occasion of Christmas and people already were in wait of some thing similar to this. Read Full News here

Video Song - Adore You
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