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Champions League is the simple name for UEFA Champions League. It is an annual continental club competition that is organized by the Union of European Football Association from 1992.  It replaced the European Champion Club that was running from 1955 onwards and added a group stage to the competition that allowed multiple entrants from a particular county. It falls among one of the most prestigious tournaments of the country and also at the same very time it is one among the most prestigious club competitions in the European Football. The finals of the 2012-2013 turned out to be the most watched UEFA Champion League. This enumerates its popularity quite easily.

Prior to the year 1992, this competition was officially called the European Championships Clubs Cup. Initially it was a straight knockout tournament that was open only for the champions club of each country participating. Till the time it reached the year 1990, the format of the league was expanded to incorporate a round-robin group stage and entitling more teams. For the time being the Europe’s strongest national league provides up to four teams in the competition and will give the provision of five teams from the year 2015-2016 onwards.

According to the present format of this league, its season begins from the month of July that begins with three knock out rounds and a playoff round. The ten teams that survive these rounds become eligible to enter the group stage joining the other 22 teams that had qualified in advance. Eight groups are created out of these 32 teams with four teams in each group. The eight group winners and the eight runners up proceed than for the next rounds and culminated in the finals that takes place in the month of May. The winner of this league qualifies for the UEFA Football Cup and FIFA cup. If we track down the competition history of this league then we will come to know that the Real Madrid is the most successful club out of all the clubs that participate in this league.

It had won the tournament for nine times out of which five times include the very first seasons. Spanish club has been entitled with the highest number of victories scoring 13 titles, being followed by England and Italy. This competition has been won by 22 different clubs and 12 of them had won it more than once. From the time the league had changed its structure and criteria, no club had managed out to have consecutive wins.

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