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American Horror Story Season 3 : American Horror Story is running in its 3rd Season named "Coven" and still standing tall in the list of horror dramas. "Go to Hell" was the 12th episode of Season 3 and FINALE of this series, episode name "The Seven Wonders" will be airing on January 29, 2014 in this anthology television drama "American Horror Story", and the production code for this episode is 3ATS12

Excluding this episode, the show has completed 36 episodes in complete series on 15th of January of 2014. If talking about the previous episode of American Horror Story Season 3 Episode 10 then it was "The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks" Madison took wrong step when she found that Misty is more likely to be the next Supreme, Madison attack on Misty and some how managed to move her body into a coffin. On the other hand, Nan successfully killed Luke's mother and Fiona along with her ,mate who's Marie by throttling her to death in a bath tub.  
Name of the season is COVEN and the name of the episode is [Protect the Coven] directed by Bradley Buecker and written by Jennifer Salt. After this episode there will be 2 more episodes remaining for this season they will be "Go to Hell" and "The Seven Wonders" airing same month on 22nd and 29th.  Also there are some rumors for the fourth season of American Horror Story with a list of 13 episodes to be aired in 2014 and hopefully people of New Orleans, or Santa Fe, New Mexico will be able to watch the shooting of this season as the possible location choose for the shoot has been decided. Before this season no 3, 
American Horror story has completed 2 season last year in Jan 2013 where there were 13 episodes in season 2 and 12 in season 1.

Below you can have a look for some of the interesting pics from this season : COVEN

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