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Earthquake Near Fontana CA

There is a very sad news for the people living in Fontana, California U.S. as the Geological team's expert have declared that a 4.4 magnitude earthquake was struck near Fontana in at @ 1:30 a.m. early morning on Wednesday. It is said that the quake ran over 3 miles towards the north of Fontana in San Bernardino County and 4 miles towards west of Rialto. All in total earthquake struck 3 times and the biggest was registered in the records. The people residing there in local areas are scared and all of them were standing out of their houses in such cold weather. We should thank God a ton that none of them were injured very seriously, all safe neither any big damage occurred. Police department and ambulances were launched towards the areas affected by this earthquake but thankfully it was not that big. Watch the live coverage video HERE

The link given is for just a referral for the people to get full news for their loved one's

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