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National Basketball Association

NBA : NBA is National Basketball Association which is men's basketball league the professionals. This league also includes 30 teams again 29 teams are from USA and 1 is from Canada similar to MLB, Major Leage Baseball. That Famous name Michael Jordan is associated with this game NBA. He joined the league in 1984 i.e. before I was born, OMG ! that's awesome. National Basketball Association is an ongoing league. Right now the matches are getting played are as follow.

Last Match Scores of 5th Jan 2014

Grizzlies vs Pistons
112          84
Raptors   vs Heat
97           102
Warriors  vs Wizards
112          96

Pacers    vs Cavaliers
82           78

Celtics   vs Thunder
96           119

Knicks    vs Mavericks
92           80

Nuggets   vs Lakers
137          115

List of Matches on 6th Jan 2014

Timberwolves vs 76ers
Hawks        vs Nets
Magic        vs Clippers

Some More Matches To Be PLayed on 7th Jan 2014

Wizards vs Bobcats
76ers   vs Cavaliers
Raptors vs Pacers
Pelicans vs Heat
Pistons  vs Knicks
Suns    vs Bulls
Warriors vs Bucks
Spurs    vs Grizzlies
Lakers   vs Mavericks
Thunder  vs Jazz
Celtics  vs Nuggets
Trail Blazers vs Kings

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