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NHL (National Hockey League) is having more than 1,089,530 followers on Google+ and due to its huge fan popularity this game is counted in top 5 in world's popular league. NHL completes itself with 30 clubs which fight against each other to get to the finals. The game started in late 1917 on November 26th under the supervision of Commissioner Gary Bettman. Since that time most of the clubs are from US itself and other from different countries like Canada. The clubs fetch its players from all over the world about 20+ different countries. None of them play the game for their country but fort their club. Check out the matches to be held down under this year 2014.

List of matches for 6th Jan 2014

Stars vs Islanders
Blue Jackets vs Rangers
Panthers vs Canadiens
Flames vs Avalanche

List of matches for 7th Jan 2014

Islanders vs Maple Leafs
Hurricanes vs Sabres
Flyers vs Devils
Lightning vs Jets
Sharks vs Predators
Flames vs Coyotes
Blues  vs Oilers
Penguins vs Canucks
Bruins   vsDucks
Wild    vs Kings

List of matches for 8th Jan 2014

Canadiens vs Flyers
Rangers   vs Blackhawks
Senators  vs Avalanche

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