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League 1 : The very famous French Premium League for the association of the football club is known as Le Championnat or Division 1, but it is renowned more as League 1. The picture of the thing might have become really clear after listening about League 1, I am quite sure about this thing. it is one of the most famous or you can say that the primary competition for the country that is associated to soccer’s. League one is one out of the two divisions of League De Football Professional, and the League 2 is the second division of it. League 1 or you can say the entire championship is one of the most waited championships for the entire country.

The season in which League 1 takes away all the priorities of the people country wide is from August to May. In each season 380 games are played and 38 teams participate in it. Most of the matches of the entire league are played on Sundays and Saturdays. No doubt few games are also played on the weekdays but almost all the matches’ takes place on the weekends. League 1 had been currently ranked on the 6th number in the national leagues and is also is one of the most prominent among them. 

League 1 started on 11th September 1932, earlier it was known as National before getting the name of Division 1. After 1 year of its existence it got its name as Division 1, this name lasted till 2002 and then it got its current name, League 1. The current championship that is in the voyage is Paris Saint-Germain, they won the third title in the history of their records in the year 2012-2013.

Before 1930, French Football was not at all in existence. In July 1930 the French Football association got its reconciliation and was credited to the professionalism. There were some rules that were asked to be amended when it was taken to professionalism. In the beginning 20 teams were inserted in the play in the group of two that is 10 teams each. The first final of this tournament was held on 14th May 1933. The football league was suspended for a while and the reason for this thing was World War II. At the time there were 10 teams in League 1, during the course of the season that continues from August to May, each club gets the chance to play twice, once in their home stadium and once in the stadium of the others. All in all 38 games are played in total.  

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