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Serie A : Serie A is a professional league competition that is held in the football clubs that is located on the top of the Italian Football league system. This thing is active for more than eighty years. Its first season was held in the year 1929-1930. We can have a good estimate of it till then. Till 2010 it was organized by the Lega Calcio. The Lega series A was created for the session of 2010-2011. Series A is also regarded as one of the best and precious league of football in the entire world. The highest number of European Cup finalist has been produced by the Series A league. Gating from this league Italian Clubs have reached the finals of the competition for twenty six times and out of that had won the final for twenty times. According to the Urfa’s league coefficient Series A have been denominated on the 4th rank among the European Leagues. 

List of matches for 8th March 2013
Juventus vs Fiorentina

According to the current format of the Italian Football championship, the rounds have been revised. The championship titles that were bagged before the time period of the year 1929 were known as FIGC. Due to the after effects of the WWII the league was played between the two geographical groups, but the leagues played at that very time period are not considered statistically, no doubt the title is fully legal. This league is the founding member of G-14, and also at the same very time hosts the worlds famous clubs like Juventus, Milan and Internazionale. It is the only league that had been capable of producing three of the most renowned founding members.

The regular season for the Series A league is September to May, 38 games are played in totals and each team gets a chance to play with one other particular team twice, once at their home stadium and the other in the stadium of their opponent. For the Italian football and for this league as well “true round-robin” format is used. The entire season has been divided into two halves. The first half is called “andata” and the second half is called “ritomo”. Rules and regulations for both the halves are same but the only difference is the situation is reversed. Italy is currently rated on the fourth standard in the European Football leagues. Hence the top three teams of the Series A get a chance to qualify for the UEFA championship. This thing had been introduced recently. 

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