Major League Soccer : The professional soccer league that is represented by the highest level of the sports authority is named as Major League Soccer. It is conducted both in the United Stated and Canada and has its headquarters in the New York City. It is one of the major professional sports leagues of the United States as well as Canada. Major League Soccer which is also termed as MLS in short is one of the most viewed league in both the countries and hence have a great fan following. Moreover it is also having a great and diverse impact on some other countries as well. According to the format of the league it is composed of 19 teams out of which 16 are in the United States and the rest 3 are in Canada. The season of this league runs from March to September, allowing each team to play 34 games in the regular season and then the winner of this league is awarded the supporters shield.

After the first season of MLS is suffering a decline in the attendance and this took a long time in regenerating. 1993 was that auspicious year when the Major League Soccer was founded. That time it was inaugurated as a part of the United States as it became successful to bid the host of the 1994 FIFA world cup. The first season of MLS took place in the year 1996 that began with ten teams. The unique thing about MLS is that instead of operating under a federation or a constitution each team of MLS is being governed by the entity of the league’s investigators. There are few soccer leagues in the world that don’t use any promotion or relegation and MLS is one among them because of its closed membership. There is no particular format of this league, the thing that is determined in it is that the season will run from March to December and 19 teams are going to play 34 games, but these matches are going to be conducted in an unbalanced format. There is a division of teams on the basis of Eastern and Western conferences. During the mid of the season there is a team break for the selection of the All-Star Game, that is played between the finest player of the leagues And a club of majors from the different leagues. When the regular season is ended, the team that is having the highest points in their kitty is awarded as with the supporter’s shield.
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